Main covers

Comprehensive home insurance is simple to get and affordable. Home comfort is a flexible insurance package that includes:

Building cover
Against fire, accidental damage and breakage of fixed and sanitary fixtures and more.

Contents cover
Against fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake, falling of installed objects and loss or damage to contents whilst in transit.

Worldwide personal belongings cover
For your valuables including: passport, driver’s license, legal documents, jewellery, watches, musical, sports and portable equipment, laptops or any item which you carry outside your home.

Owner & Occupiers’ Liability cover
Against any claim made against you or your family.

Tenant's Liability cover
To protect you if held legally liable for damage to your landlord’s premises.

Did you know you can cover your domestic helpers as part of your home comfort policy?
You can choose to cover your domestic helpers for medical and repatriation expenses, death or permanent total disablement and funeral costs.



Cost of alternative accommodation

We cover the expenses to provide you with alternative accommodation while your home is undergoing essential repairs.

A policy that gives your value for the cover you need

GIG home insurance provides protection for things you care about such as furniture, rugs, electronic items, toys and personal items such as jewellery watches and cameras.

Flexible package

Our flexible policy package allows you to decide the level of coverage that best suits your needs.

Rest assured you home is protected for 60 days when it is unoccupied.

Home Assistance

As an added-value service, you can benefit from our Home Assistance Emergency Repair Service whenever an unexpected home emergency occurs. We will send professionals to take care of your emergency and ensure your home is protected against further loss or damage from occurring. These services include:

  • [1]Price is for contents only.


Home Comfort
Unexpected events and natural calamities
New for old
Alternative accommodation
Tenants' liability
Legal liability
While you're away
Stolen keys
Frozen food
Visitors personal effects
Content in the open
Households removal
Accidental damage for content & building
Personal belongings
Domestic helpers


How to submit your claim

If you encounter any issue and want to submit a claim, our dedicated claims team can help you anytime with our hassle-free claims process, anywhere. Just tell us what happened and we will take it from there.

For endorsement or cancelation requests click Here.

You can get in touch with us through various touchpoints: 

1. Call 8000 1060 a and one of our customer service representatives will guide you through your claim.

2. Submit your claim through this link