Yacht Insurance

GIG Sail Master Plus is a flexible product, locally developed and improved through the years to cater for boat owners' requirements. Our comprehensive cover option responds to accidental loss or damage to your boat and protects your liabilities toward third parties. Your boat will be covered whilst in use or moored afloat or ashore and even during transit on purpose built trailers (for boats up to 9m).

Our comprehensive protection comes with built-in unique covers such as uninsured Boater coverage, search & rescue and bonuses such as the no claim rebate (up to 10%) as standard.

Although the comprehensive cover is a must to protect your asset, we can also provide a third party liability only cover. With this option, our policy will cover your liability toward third parties - including guests onboard your boat.

Both options can be customised with specific extensions covering your boating activities such as water skiing (for motor boats) or racing (sailing boats) and personal accident (for you, your spouse and dependent children).

We believe in doing things differently and can provide you with a reliable insurance plan suited to your needs, attentive customer service throughout the policy and - if things go wrong - a fast and fair claim settlement.




Main Covers

Fast and affordable boat insurance

Whether you need to insure a motor or sailing boat, we can provide the best covers to suit your requirements, all offering great product benefits at a price you can afford.

Loss of or Damage to your Boat

Your boat, its machinery, equipment and trailer are covered against loss or damage caused by an insured peril or theft whether at sea, moored, kept on land or whilst in transit.

Third Party Bodily injury and Property Damage

We offer protection for your legal liability in the event of accidental Loss of life or injury caused to others (include the guests on board your boat) and/or damage to third party property (including wreck removal). Our standard level of cover of USD 500,000/- any one accident is amongst the highest available in the market and accepted by the local Authorities and Marinas. It can be extended to USD 1,000,000/- (at your option).

Cruising Range

Depending on your boat size, we can provide a cruising range up to 40km from the permanent mooring to the Gulf and Oman Territorial waters.

Uninsured boater coverage (for comprehensive cover option)

We will cover you or your guests for bodily injury caused by an uninsured (or unknown) owner or operator of another vessel. 
The cover is limited to a maximum of USD 50,000/- any one event.

Search and rescue (for comprehensive cover option)

We will pay for Search and Rescue expenses if assistance from public or private rescue services is required. The cover is limited to a maximum of USD 25,000/- any one event.

No claim bonus (for comprehensive cover option)

We will reward boat owners with claim free records. Our pricing is designed to take into account owners and/or skippers with international qualifications and/or over 3 years' experience.

Optional covers

Personal Effects on board your boat (including cash)

Your personal belongings are covered against loss or damage (even when the boat is left unattended) when following forcible or violent entry into the vessel.

Personal Accident

You and/or Your spouse and/or Your dependent children will be covered in case of accidental physical injury sustained from the use of the vessel resulting in, Death or disappearance at sea, permanent disability related medical expenses. Cover is provided up to USD 50,000/-

Water Skiing (Motor Boats Only)

When you are doing watersports, Sail Master Plus can cover your legal liability to or of water skiers for up to USD 150,000/- each accident.


When you are participating in a regatta or an official race, under a comprehensive cover, we will cover up to 2/3rds of the replacement value of mast, spars, sails and rigging in the event of an accident.


Comprehensive cover
Third party Liability Only
Comprehensive cover (Loss or damage to your boat)
Third party Liability Cover up to USD 500,000/-
No Claim Bonus
Uninsured boater coverage
Search and rescue
No claim bonus with bonus protection
Personal effects including cash
Personal accident
Optional Optional
Racing (sailing boat only)
Optional Optional
Water skiing (sailing boat only)
Optional Optional
Third party Liability Cover extended to 
USD 1,000,000/-
Optional Optional
Cruising Range Extension
Optional Optional


How to submit your claim

If you would like to submit a claim, our dedicated claims team can help you anytime, anywhere.

Call 8000 1060 and one of our customer service representatives will guide you through your claim.